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Christopher Barnes
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France- Charts and Cruising Guides
All lightly used, most are like new.
Atlantic France, North Biscay to the Spanish border; Jeremy Parkinson, RCC Pilotage Foundation, Imray
South Biscay, La Gironde to A Coruna 7th ed; Steve Pickard, RCC Pilotage Foundation, Imray
North Brittany, Cherbourg to Ouessant and the Channel Islands 2nd ed; John Lawson, RCC Pilotage Foundation, Imray
North Brittany & Channel Islands Cruising Companion 2nd Ed; Peter Cumberlidge, Wiley Nautical
West France Cruising Companion 2nd Ed; Neville Featherstone, Wiley Nautical
Admiralty 1432 (Le Four to Ile Vierge)
Admiralty 2025 (France North Coast Portsall to Anse de Kernic)
Admiralty 2026 (France North Coast Anse de Kernic to Ile Grande)
Admiralty 2027 (France North Coast Ile Grande to Ile de Brehat)
Admiralty 2028 (France North Coast Ile de Brehat to Plateau des Roches Douvres)
Admiralty 2029 (France North Coast Ile de Brehat to Cap Frehel)
Admiralty 2648 (France North Coast Roches de Portsall to Plateau des Roches Douvres)
Admiralty 2745 (France North Coast Baie de Morlaix Ile de Batz to Pointe de Primel)
Imray 2110 Chart Pack (North France, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardy & Normandy coasts)
Admiralty 2356 (France West Coast Goulet de Brest to Portsall)
Admiralty 3345 (France West Coast, Chenel Du Four)
Admiralty 3427 (France West Coast, Approaches to Brest)
Admiralty 3428 (France West Coast, Brest)
Admiralty 3429 (France West Coast, Rade de Brest)
Admiralty 3656 (Plateau des Minquiers and Adjacent Coast of France)
Admiralty 3673 (Ile de Brehat and Anse de Paimpol Entrance to Le Trieux)
Carte Marine Officielle 7125L
Carte Marine Officielle 7126L
Carte Marine Officielle 7127L
Carte Marine Officielle 7149L
Carte Marine Officielle 7150L
Carte Marine Officielle 7151L
Carte Marine Officielle 7152L
Carte Marine Officielle 7154L
Carte Marine Officielle 7599 L
Imray C34 France- North Coast Cap d’Erquy to Ile de Batz
Imray C36 France- West Coast Ild d’Ouessant to Raz de Sein
Imray C37 France- West Coast Raz de Sein to Benodet
Imray C38 France- West Coast Anse de Benodet to Presqu’ile de Quiberon
Imray C39 France- West Coast Lorient to Le Croisic
Imray C40 France- West Coast Le Croisic to Les Sables d’Olonne
Imray C41 France- West Coast Les Sables d’Olonne to La Gironde
Imray C42 Bay of Biscay- France and Spain La Rochelle to Santander
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