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Insurance for ocean going yachts, plus personnal.


By lars - 29 Sep 2013

I would like to hear where the members insure their boats when going offshore. Also I would like to learn something about where you obtain health insurance when away from your homeland for extended periods.
In Australia they won 't insure you when away from the country, you will have to take out an travel insurance which is normal when going abroad for a shorter Holliday. What do members do for extended periods away?
I would like to hear from anyone with ideas/experience in those areas please
Regards Lars
By simoncurrin - 29 Sep 2013

Hi, there was ealier thread about health insurance elsewhere in the Forum so here is a link to it.

Many of the Yacht insurance companies also offer travel cover. I know Topsail does and they have a significant client base in Australia.
By David.Tyler - 29 Sep 2013

Pantenius for the necessary third party cover for going into many marinas and harbours, otherwise self-insured. For ocean sailing the full-cover premium is better invested in things that will keep you safe, rather than insurance that might help after you 've become un-safe.
By morwood - 30 Sep 2013

Pantaenius for the boat and IMG www.imglobal.com for the family.

We are cruising long term, so travel insurance doesn 't apply. We have a relatively high deductible on both boat and health policies - we have them for catastrophic events.