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Lopolight - Great service


By the Admiral - 24 Oct 2013

Our Lopolight tri/white nav light recently developed a fault with the white sector becoming defective. This happened after 6 years of faultless operation. I emailed IMP the importer from whom we bought the unit. They put me in touch with the manufacturer who responded immediately by saying that a new unit (upgraded too) has been shipped that day by DHL. No charge! Excellent service that put a smile on my face. Peter
By simoncurrin - 24 Oct 2013

We have had similarly fantastic customer service. The only trouble is that we have had thus far to replace one mast head tricolour, 1 mast head all round white, 2 white stern lights and one starboard light. I 'm hoping they have fixed whatever the design or manufacturing problem was as it 's getting a bit tiresome.