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Have you circumnavigated?


By DariaBlackwell - 12 Nov 2013

We are trying to keep track of all our members who have completed a circumnavigation. Please let us know names, vessel, and dates. Thank you!
By ts@villvind.no - 13 Feb 2015

Hi Daria !

I have registred as a new member today and are strolling around on the web-site to get familiar with it.

Name : Terje Skaare ( NOR)
SV Villvind
Circumnavigated between 1.May 2006 - 15.August 2009

Best regards
Terje Skaare
By DariaBlackwell - 13 Feb 2015

Welcome to the OCC! Thanks for responding, Terje.

I just realized that I entered this question under buying and selling yachts. I am now moving it to the cruising section.

Please let me know if there 's anything I can assist with regarding the website.
By linandy - 27 Feb 2015

Hello Daria

I don 't know whether I 've responded to this request, but Andy and I completed a circumnavigation between 5th February 2008 and 4th February 2013 (Grenada to Grenada) in our 1973 Nicholson 35 Coromandel, taking exactly five years. As you can imagine, this was not planned! We were going to cruise the west coast of Scotland for the summer in 2007, and things just seemed to expand.

Kind regards
Linda Lane Thornton
By DariaBlackwell - 27 Feb 2015

Hi Linda,
No you hadn 't but I am glad you did now. Good story. Thanks!
By Threeships - 12 Apr 2015

The last year has only served to emphasize the value of the Club to independent cruisers such as ourselves. We met Griffon 2 in Cocos Keeling and sailed on in radio contact with Kite, Shango and Hokalea from La Reunion to Richards bay where we caught up with Egret, Coruisk and Sula, Kind of Blue,and Mantra. We met La Vagabond in Cape Town and when we finally left for the East Caribbean at the end of January we were in radio contact with Kind of Blue, Shango and others. The level of mutual support and the bonding engendered by the shared experience of remote ocean passage making among independent cruisers is quite unique and, in my view, focuses on one of the core values underpinning our Club.
It was notable therefore that, when we arrived in Grenada and met up with Griffon 2 and Shango to celebrate the end of our circumnavigations, we realised that the Club had no way of recording let alone recognising, what for all of us, was a very significant milestone in our sailing careers and actually quite an achievement. It is of course appropriate that the Club recognises special and unusual voyages, contributions to the Club etc etc through the annual award system but maybe it might also be appropriate to record and acknowledge those members who complete their circumnavigations each year - at least 10 boats this year. Such a body of knowledge would surely only enhance the reputation and credibility of a Club the focus of which is after all Ocean Cruising. If this idea met committee approval then maybe the next step would be designing an addition to the regalia, such a discrete globe below the flying fish, indicating a member having completed their circumnavigation. I apologise for adding to the already considerable work load undertaken by committee members, but I do believe that it is may be point worth considering. What do others think?
By DariaBlackwell - 12 Apr 2015

Threeships, thank you so much for your note. Congratulations on your successful circumnavigation and most exciting adventure!

We have indeed been discussing much the same for the last few years on the Committee. Yet, when we put out a call to members (via Newsletter, eBulletin, Website and FB page) very few circumnavigators have come forward. We know there are many out there -- as you say at least ten this year. But if we can 't get them to raise their hands, there is little we can do.

That is precisely why I started this thread on the Forum. Perhaps if we get enough circumnavigators to 'fess up, we 'll get the momentum going to start a new movement.

Would you like to be involved in making it happen?
By linandy - 14 Apr 2015

After we completed our first circumnavigation, someone mentioned a circumnavigators ' pennant or burgee, but when I contacted the secretary I was told that there wasn ' 't one and that the idea was contrary to the philosophy of the OCC. On the one hand, I do not think that a circumnavigation is the remarkable feat it was, say, 25 years ago before the advent of GPS, rallies and the like, but it is still quite an achievement and it would be pleasant to have it recognised by the Club. I would suggest a blue circle could be added to the yellow fly.

During our circumnavigation we enjoyed looking around anchorages to see if I could see any OCC burgees, so that I could knock on hulls and ask legitimate questions like "Who are you? where are you from? how did you get here? Where are you going next?" etc. But if there are no OCC burgees, we go and knock on hulls anyway, and in general we have always received a friendly welcome.

We don 't do this so much in the Caribbean as people here are generally on board for 6 months and have a closed circle of aquaintances who all fly home, rather than changing hemispheres and crossing another ocean when the seasons change.
We have many friends not in the OCC who have circumnavigated also, maybe we could come up with a circumnavigators ' burgee for all sailors.

From Coromandel, sitting in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua, waiting for Classics Week to begin. :)
By DariaBlackwell - 14 Apr 2015

As it happens, the idea will be discussed at the next Committee meeting. Many thanks for your input... and stay tuned!!!
By DariaBlackwell - 31 May 2015

To all those who have circumnavigated the world:

The OCC is pulling together an official OCC Circumnavigator’s Roll, to recognise those of our members who have completed a World circumnavigation. This will be published in the Members Handbook and on the OCC website, and announced in the eBulletin and Newsletter and on the OCC facebook page.

In order for this to become a fully comprehensive listing of all OCC members who have completed a world circumnavigation, we obviously need your help! There are many OCC members who are no longer with us, for one reason or another, and we’d appreciate your assistance in providing either details of a trip and/or contact details for the person involved, if possible.

We’d appreciate it if you could return the same to us, for each circumnavigation if multiple have been made, to Chris & Fiona Jones (Three Ships: email threeships@fmail.co.uk) who will collate it all.

Email to Chris & Fiona Jones: threeships@fmail.co.uk
By DariaBlackwell - 22 Jul 2015

Here are the updated criteria and a new form that can be filled out and emailed to Chris and Fiona Jones.

By DariaBlackwell - 30 Oct 2015

There is now a page on the OCC website listing all the known OCC circumnavigators. If you know of any not on this list, please email Jenny Crickmore- Thompson (sailingjenny1@gmail.com).
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