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Jury rig steering after loosing your rudder


By petermccrea - 16 Apr 2014

An experienced offshore sailor and inspector of participant vessels in this year 's Newport RI to Bermuda Race has published a report on the subject topic, located at http://t.co/2l5QE6VsCJ in a 13 minute video format, and at
http://www.bermuda1-2.org/Articles/AGuidetoSteeringwithoutaRudder.pdf as a pdf document with pictures.
I found that the authors approach of physically removing the rudder from a Swan 44 to carry out the tests with different size drogues was quite convincing. There was no attempt to evaluate alternate kinds of commercially available drogues, such as the Jordan series drogue. I beleive his main contribution is in how to configure a workable jury steering system from a drogue, two snatch blocks, two spinnaker sheets, the vessel 's primary winches and a short length of chain.
The method is the one used by the Marshalls reported in a 2012(?) Flying Fish, but this article and accompanying video complement the earlier writeup and have a good deal of how-to in both text and visuals. Peter McCrea P.O. Rockland/Thomaston Maine USA