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Navionics charts app for Android/iPad, iPhone


By DariaBlackwell - 26 Mar 2012

Has anyone used the UK/Holland Navionics app? I have been trying to download it without success even though the Western Europe app downloaded fine to my HTC. I noted comments about the UK/Holland edition in the android shop that ranged from fantastic (5 stars) to awful (1 star) and wondered what the experience has been among OCC members. The Western Europe app seems very detailed and useful as a backup (tho quite small on my HTC screen) but it does drain battery power pretty quickly with open GPS link.

PS I found it 'curious ' that the Navionics support team didn 't know that Ireland is not a part of the UK. I always thought they were cartographers. I guess they are now programmers.
By simoncurrin - 28 Mar 2012

I have no experience with Android but I can confirm that the UK/Holland charts work well on iPad& iPhone.
By DariaBlackwell - 28 Mar 2012

Thanks, Simon. I will persevere!
By simoncurrin - 23 Apr 2012

I notice that Navionics have just released an app update and an apology for the bugs in the last version that caused their apps to be removed from iTunes. So hopefully they have fixed the bug that was causing you problems.