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Combined Mooring & Passage Permit - Inland Ireland


By DariaBlackwell - 19 May 2015

#InlandWaters - Waterways Ireland has issued an advisory to customers on its navigations who have not yet complied with Canal Bye-Law requirements to purchase a Combined Mooring and Passage Permit (CMP).

CMPs cost €126 per year and permit the holder to cruise continuously and gain lock passage across all navigations from St Mullins in Co Carlow to Dublin and as far west as the Shannon Navigation.

Masters should note that vessels without a valid permit and/or not displaying the appropriate permit may in future be declined lock passage.

Masters and owners are requested to purchase their canal permits at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment when their cruising plans are interrupted.

Permits may be purchased from Shane Anderson, assistant inspector of navigation, at 087 286 5726 or shane.anderson@waterwaysireland.org