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By bbalme - 18 Apr 2012

On the hard in Portsmouth, RI. Splashing May 10th or thereabouts and moving to New England Boatworks - where we plan to move aboard for good around May 15th!

Hope to see you out there!

Bill Balme
s/v Toodle-oo!
Outbound 44
By simoncurrin - 18 Apr 2012

Move aboard for good! Now that sounds an excellent plan.
By bbalme - 22 Oct 2012

So moving aboard in May didn 't work - the house sale fell through. HOWEVER... now that it 's nice and chilly up here in New England and we finally HAVE managed to sell the house, we 'll be moving aboard in November in Portsmouth, RI.

Next year 's plan is to sail to the Azores in June and cruise there for a few weeks and then move on to Ireland for a few weeks.
By bbalme - 7 Nov 2013

Toodle-oo! is in Whitehaven, UK. Tucked up for the winter in her berth having sailed 4500 miles in 2013 - Boston-Azores-Ireland-England. Excellent trip with fortunately few stories to tell!

2014 will see her head up to Scotland in early May then across to join the OCC 's Baltic cruise, then down the north coast of Europe and probably wintering over in France...
By simoncurrin - 8 Nov 2013

Are you living aboard in Whitehaven or retreating to a better climate for the winter?
By bbalme - 8 Nov 2013

Already retreated! Back in the USA - it 's a gorgeous, sunny, crisp fall day today! The boat is in the water in Whitehaven. We 'll return at the end of April, haul her for a clean up of the bottom and then head up to Scotland as fast as we can.
By Gianluca - 23 Nov 2013

Nice to hear from you. It looks that you had a good passage up to the UK. Vivaldi is now at Lanzarotte, Canary Islands waiting to cross to the Caribbean end of December. Wish you and Laurie a nice thanksgiving.
By bbalme - 12 Jul 2014

Toodle-oo! is in Kastelhom on the Island of Aland - Finland. Any other OCC boats nearby??
By simoncurrin - 12 Jul 2014

I wish we were up there with you. Looks like your summer is turning out fine after all!
By bbalme - 14 Jul 2014

Fine indeed! Had some great sailing and lovely locations - Gdansk was a highlight. Weather has been great too - we had our first rain yesterday since leaving Ardfern!

Finding the Alands challenging - in terms of pilotage - and we certainly don 't have adequate guides - so taking it easy and conservatively to prevent another Lagavulin!!!

Hope your summer is going well too!

By bbalme - 31 Aug 2015

Toodle-oo! has spent the season in New England (we shipped her back from the UK last year). It 's been a great sailing season here this year - lovely weather and great wind. We 've had Toodle-oo! on a mooring in Mattapoisett on Buzzards Bay - great sailing location with Martha 's Vineyard, Nantucket and the Elizabeth Islands all close by.

Unfortunately, the season has ended abruptly for us as she suffered a lightning strike last week, frying all the electronics aboard - so we 're sailing to Portsmouth, RI next week (familiar enough area so no need of a sextant!) to be hauled at New England Boatworks for assessment and repairs...

By simoncurrin - 1 Sep 2015

Wow that 's a dramatic end to the season. Were you on board at the time?
By bbalme - 8 Dec 2016

So, Toodle-oo! is in the British Virgin Islands, heading down the island chain this season. After our summer shakedown cruise to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (and repairs to the stuff that got shaken out!) we headed south with the Salty Dawg rally from Hampton, VA to Virgin Gorda.
Not sure what next summer will bring - looking for someplace cool to cruise in the summer months - difficult to find when we 're in the tropics - any ideas appreciated!
By bbalme - 7 Nov 2018

Toodle-oo! is back in Whitehaven, Cumbria. I say back, because we were here 5 years ago. I have to say, Whitehaven is one of the most improved towns I've seen. Last time, it was absolutely filthy with loads of trash in the water, the people were downcast, the shops were dour and many boarded up. This time, the harbour is much cleaner (still some way to go) everyone is more cheerful and there's more going on. What's more, there's tons of money coming into the region and the town has some ambitious projects including a 180 bed 4 star hotel, a tech center, new office block, etc. And - the marina is great, the staff all very helpful and friendly and the marina is full! Is it a top destination? Maybe not, but with the Lake District so close, it certainly is a place worth considering.

We're here for the winter before heading off on the Celtic Cruise in May and then on up to the Outer Hebrides... we hope.

If anyone's passing by Whitehaven - please stop in for some refreshment aboard Toodle-oo!