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Topsail Underwriter & Canadian Yacht Insurance


By archive - 28 Sep 2015

Hi All,

Topsail Insurance (which gives a discount to OCC members) just informed us that one of their underwriters, Royal Sun & Alliance, was exiting the Canadian yacht insurance business. They couldn 't find another underwriter for us (we 're a Canadian yacht which apparently complicates things).

We 're seeking bluewater insurance for our boat (currently in Madagascar, and heading to South Africa, and a S. Atlantic passage next year).

Any suggestions welcome, especially from Canadians with recent claims experience!

Evan Gatehouse
s/v Ceilydh
By bbalme - 28 Sep 2015


We 're US not Canadian - we use Markel - Jackline policy - through International Marine Insurance Services (IMIS). Al Golden at IMIS is very helpful - 410-827-3757 mail@imis.pro

We are going through a lightning strike claim currently - and while we 've not yet spent or received any funds for the repairs, Markel are making all the right noises. At this point it appears we 'll have all new electronics, new standing rigging, etc all taken care of.

We used them in 2013 and 2014 when sailing across the Atlantic and around the Baltic. We plan to use them to head down to Patagonia.

Is Madagascar as beautiful as we 've heard?

Good luck!
By neilm - 28 Nov 2015

We are Canadian and have good experience with Pantaenius for the boat.

What do you do for health insurance.
So far, we have been overseas only 6 months per year, but plan on 11 months next ear, which is a new problem
By rachelle.turk - 3 Feb 2016

This topic has been moderated to make clear that Topsail 's underwriter is exiting the Canadian market only and not yacht insurance in general. Topsail continue to provide blue water insurance to our members at a 20% discount.
By simoncurrin - 3 Feb 2016

Rachelle are you sure it 's 20% not 10%?
By rachelle.turk - 4 Feb 2016

Hi Simon,

I thought it was 10% too but I checked the back cover of Flying Fish 2015/2 and it states "Highly competitive premiums plus up to a further 20% Ocean Cruising Club members discounts on travel and vessel policies".