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What 's your boat?


By Seafarer - 9 Dec 2015

36 ' Colvin Designed Pinky Schooner
By Hasbun - 11 Dec 2015

'53 Amel Super Maramu 2000.
16 metre ketch. It is a design by J. Carteau and Henri Amel.
Ours is Super Maramu serial No. 350 (2002), out of 462 built.
By rhudson - 1 Nov 2017

[quote=Seafarer]36 ' Colvin Designed Pinky Schooner[/quote]

Is that a Yin Yang, or another of Colvin's pinky designs?
I owned a Yin Yang named Rosemary Ruth ( www.issuma.com/rhudson/RR/ ) for a few years. Very pretty boat. I coastal-cruised her in the eastern US, then bought a bigger boat and sold the Yin Yang.

By Michael.Andronov - 29 Sep 2018

Swan 51 Centerboard. Build in 1982