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Westbound Transatlantic SSB Net


By chrisdevans - 22 Apr 2012

Anyone heading to the Caribbean later this year?

We are planning to leave Turkey at the end of the July, wending our way west to Gibraltar for late September, then down to Canaries by mid October to cruise the islands there, and then setting off at end November/beginning of December for Barbados initially.

We will probably check in with Mednet up to GIB, but it would be great to connect with any other OCC members with similar plans beyond.

PS no experience of setting up or running an SSB net, but it looks like plenty of knowledge out there in the OCC!!

Sv Tulu of Fowey
By alshaheen - 1 May 2012

Hi Chris
I floated the idea of an eastbound SSB net in these columns a few weeks ago but hadn 't yet started on encouraging a westbound net yet, so your enquiry is very pertinent and very welcome.

I had talked about this (a westbound net)a few weeks ago to OCC members Brian and Sandy Duker, who also run the CA 's Blue Water Section. I proposed the idea of a joint OCC/CA net - probably organised by OCC - in order to get a critical mass to run an active net. By chance I met Sandy Duker yesterday in London and she advised me that the CA has 21 members crossing westbound this year and she has since given me their email addresses. What we need now is someone to organise this and act as a Net Controller.

Are there any more OCC members westbound this fall?
By alshaheen - 1 May 2012

Trust you have checked all the advice from John MacDougall on the eastbound thread under the same topic?
By chrisdevans - 3 May 2012

Hi John

Yes, indeed, Johns technical knowledge excellent. Joint CA net seems a good plan.

Will keep an eye for progress, as no urgency now.

By dbentzel - 6 May 2012

Our cruising plans have us westbound this winter and we would participate in the net. Plan to be in the Canaries about the same time that you will be there, but we are planning to head to Antigua instead. Let us know how we can help out.
Dick and Moira
s/v Equinox
By chrisdevans - 6 May 2012

Hi Dick and Moira

Excellent - that makers two of us!! Will you be on the Dragnet during the late summer heading for GIB/Canaries?

Chris and Sara
Sv Tulu
By dbentzel - 6 May 2012

Hi Chris and Sara -
Don 't have plans right now to be on Dragnet. We wintered over in London at St. Katharine Docks and are now currently in Ipswich getting some repairs done to the boat. Will be heading to Netherlands and then down the Atlantic coast of France, Spain and Portugal, but not into the Med. Will probably leave from Lagos for Porto Santo and Maderia late September and cruise there for a couple of weeks before heading to Canaries.

Dick and Moira
By catia - 7 May 2012

Hello all!
Greetings from sunny Madeira Island!
My name is Catia Esteves and I 'm Port Officer for Madeira Archipelago and would like to present to you my support if you decide to visit the Islands on route to Canaries.
For those sailing either from Algarve or from Gibraltar, the Madeiran Archipelago is about 3/4 days sailing. so instead of sailing directly to the Canaries (with an average 7 days sailing), I invite and recomend to visit the Archipelago.
For those interested in this route, pls send me a message and I will send you all thecnical information on marinas (I 'm a Marina Manager at Quinta do Lorde), anchorage and cultural events for the next months.
fair winds and gentle seas
By chrisdevans - 24 Sep 2012

Hi Dick and Moira

Any more heard on the net subject?

we are in Gibraltar heading to Lanzarote (Puerto Calero) on around 3rd October

SV Tulu
By dbentzel - 24 Sep 2012

Hi Chris -
We haven 't heard anything about the net, but there has just been some discussion on that topic on the OCC Facebook page. Will let you know if we hear anything.

Currently we are in Lagos on the hard in Sopromar dealing with a few issues before we head out next week. We are heading first to Porto Santo and Madeira before heading to the Canaries. Have a safe sail and hope to meet up with you along the way.
By chrisdevans - 15 Oct 2012

well, we are in sunny Lanzarote (Puerto Calero) and only one other OCC boat seen, and they are not crossing, but heading back to Med.

Anyone else (other than the two of us already on this thread) out there planning to cross in december?

We have only seen one CA burgee here as well, but plenty of ARC flags!!

Great marina at Peurto Calero and brilliant PO, Mel. Could not be more helpful.

SV Tulu
By mervynwheatley - 2 Oct 2013


I am heading west soon. I am in Brest now and aim to sail on 6 Oct for Bayona and from there to Madeira. I think I will sail from there on about the 25 Oct for, probably, Barbados.

I would be very happy to join a SSB net. Mervyn Wheatley, sy Tamarind
By chrisdevans - 2 Oct 2013

Hi Mervyn

Good to hear and we wish you a safe and speedy passage.

Sadly, we actually crossed LAST November/December to Barbados as you will note on the dates of the various posts, and are now planning on heading west again through Panama from Grenada where the boat is now! Actually heading with another OCC boat Lochmarin.

Anyway, enjoty the trip and the Caribbean.

By rhowison - 30 Oct 2013


We are sailing west soon and would be pleased part of an OCC net. This week we are in Rabat and plan to move to the Canaries next week. At the moment we have a small group based on yachts which wintered last year at Marina de Regusa, Scilly. Two or three yachts are talking daily at 0700 UT on 6516

Bob and Judy Howison

Others on regularly are Ticketeeboo and Gemini