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Immigration into USA when joining a departing boat


By timd_chapman - 30 Jan 2016

I have been asked to collect a yacht from the Miami Boat Show and take it to another foreign country. I am unsure as to what the documentation requirements will be when entering the United States.
I am a UK passport holder with a B1/B2 visa
Crew members are UK passport holders without visas.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of doing this?
By David.Tyler - 30 Jan 2016

I, too, am a UK passport holder with a B1/B2 visa. Several times I have left my boat in the USA and flown back to the UK. On my return, I 've had to fill in an arrival card, with my address while in the USA. I 've written the name of the marina where I left my boat, and told the immigration officer that I 've come back to rejoin my boat, and that has always been readily accepted. I 've always taken my SSR registration document with me, but nobody has ever asked to see it.