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\"Local Knowledge ', Advice, and SSB East Coast Net


By Kelly - 12 Mar 2016

This is a broad topic and as with my last posting, please reply to me here and at:

Or, if you have the time, call:
(706) 360 9654

Again, I am legally blind, having los the central 90 degrees of vision and forums are a bit tedious for me.

We, my wife and I, are headed for Belize. We started two weeks ago and an issue with the boat forced us in to Port Canaveral, Florida for repairs. We then made Port St. Lucie when issues at home have again delayed us.

We are planning to be off on 18 March headed for Boot Harbor Key for a last provisioning stop prior to a run along the north of Cuba, through the Yucatan Passage and to San Pedro, Belize.

I am looking for local knowledge and advice for all three segments of the journey, i.e. Port St. Lucke along the Florida Coast to Boot Harbor Key and the entrance thereto, Boot Harbor Key to Cozumel (not stopping there unless repairs/provisioning are an issue,) and from off Cozumel to San Pedro, Beize and the entrance there.

I finally have my SSB working well, but cannot find the email with the freq for the regular East Coast network.

Any and all comments, advice, or suggestions welcomed.