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Bijagos islands, Guinea Bissau end 2016


By Roberto.Ritossa - 26 Jul 2016

we are a family of 4 (2 adults, a 12yo and an 8yo daughters), 41ft sloop.
We plan to visit Guinea Bissau, essentially the Bijagos, starting say october - november 2016. We will probably be in the Cape Verdes before heading there.
After a few weeks in the Bijagos, we will probably head to Banjul to victual before our (second) transat to Brazil.

In 2010 we already cruised Senegal and Gambia rivers extensively for three months, I 'd say we are well versed in anything practical or navigation wise over there, west africa cruising is a love or hate thing. If you like this type of cruising, have a look at Bijagos islands pictures on google (there is also a youtube video) and be tempted.
Half French and half Italian, we speak good English (and portuguese, which will be useful in the Bijagos, as ancient colony)
Our boat is fixed keel, which is not ideal for the Bijagos area, but will do anyway.

Happy to discuss plans, especially (but not only) with other boats with children aboard).


Roberto, sy Brancaleone