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Marinas and Boat storage around Genoa


By bwallace - 30 Dec 2016

We are about to ship Darramy from Sydney to Genoa with DYT. Has anyone experience or suggestions of where to leave a 12 mtr boat in NW ly at a reasonable price? Arrival time scheduled early March 2017. All info welcome. Brian
By simoncurrin - 31 Dec 2016

Heading home sooner than planned?
By bwallace - 31 Dec 2016

Not really Simon, we have never had a plan! We have thought for a while of what to do, and just went fishing for some prices to ship back anywhere in the Med. Most were silly money, and we thought ok
Australia for another year, We can cope with that. Then we got a good quote well within our budget. Float on Float off to Genoa from Sydney. Mid Jan. We were only 500 ml away so no sweat. First Weather window head south, and now we sit in Rose Bay awaiting the New Years fireworks from the Sydney Harbour bridge. 4 hours to go! We 'll be in 2017 before ye! Happy New Year!
Our Tip for anyone else is be flexible with time and destination, and hunt for a bargain!!