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Insurance for East Greenland and North West Passage


By archive - 28 Feb 2017

We were rather hoping that someone on the club may be able to recommend an insurance company for this season and 2018. Our plans are as per the subject, namely East Greenland but not as far North as Scoresbysund only Kulusuk and then head to Nuuk for the winter, live aboard and look at the NWP the following year. We have a quote from Topsail but they cannot offer 3rd party only and the premium for Greenland is more than the NWP, both of which are eye watering.
We are a robust Aluminium yacht with 4 seasons experience in the arctic so we are ticking all the boxes.

Any recommendations would be well received Thanks,
By simoncurrin - 1 Mar 2017

We used Topsail for Scoresby Sound and were planning to do so again for 2017 when we head back to Greenland 's East and West Coast with a winter ashore in Aasiaat.
By barry.kennedy - 27 Sep 2017

Hello, I had similar experiences with Topsail with a quote for Southern Ocean and Antarctic cruising. I ended up finding reasonable cover with Gowry Group, and the Jackline Policy.

Hope that help.