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Entering and Leaving the UK on a boat


By DariaBlackwell - 24 Sep 2017

As Brexit looms, questions are arising about UK regulations for yachts. The UK does not have designated ports of entry or a published schedule of offices for reporting. Nor do marina managers or harbourmasters act on behalf of the authorities. Vessels arriving directly from outside the EU, including the Channel Islands, or within the EU but not compliant with a set of exemptions, must phone the National Yachtline +44 (0)300 123 2012. It is a 24/7 service run by the UK Border Force (UKBF). No goods or people may leave the vessel until given permission. Skippers are asked a series of questions and then instructed on how to proceed.

Yachts must have the form C1331 to declare the yacht, crew, and any duty-free stores. Crew must have the required visas.

For more information, visit the UKBF website. www.gov.uk/government/organisations/border-force
By Hasbun - 26 Sep 2017

We entered the UK in the Scilly Isles, arriving from Ireland, where we had spent a fortnight after a transatlantic trip.

The wait at the National Yachtline was about 20 minutes and we declared two people with US passports, a foreign-flagged vessel, and an Irish cat —well, the cat was also U.S., but in Ireland we got him a European Pet Passport, so now he was a local!

The man on the telephone said that he would call us if there was a follow-up or need to check the vessel. Which seemed a bit indefinite. Asked if we could disembark, he said that of course we were free to go, as we couldn't be confined to the vessel, could we now?

We departed for France after a couple of days.

Other than Canada, where you also check-in by telephone, this was the easiest required check-in we have done. Canada was only easier because there was no need to wait 20 minutes.
By DariaBlackwell - 27 Apr 2018

The European Boating Association has started taking up the questions around how Brexit will affect mariners visiting by yacht. It could get complicated. https://afloat.ie/sail/isa/item/39063-european-boating-association-discusses-brexit?mc_cid=e4dee2c174&mc_eid=ab5e6421a7