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New website release


By Saltwhistle III - 21 Feb 2018

We've released the latest version of the website this week. New features:
[ul][li]New map-based view on the public side of FF articles, forum posts (related to cruising), blog posts and news[/li][li]New map-based view on the member's side showing OCC events, port officers, affiliated clubs, dockage offered, marina discounts and supplier discounts[/li][li]Members offering dockage can now drop their own pin on a map showing exactly where the mooring is[/li][li]Members can add a short cruising report specific to a location (and it will show up on the map)[/li][li]Periodic ability for the Secretary to import data from the Fleet Map so that we can mail boats within a certain area[/li][li]Webshop for regalia[/li][li]Event booking forms and linked to the payment gateways[/li][li]Online voting[/li][li]Items for Sale is now a proper webpage[/li][li]Improved website searching (searching within the website and also browser searches using Bing/Google)[/li][li]Usability enhancements such as adding expirey dates to items posted on the website, automatic rotation of uploaded images, bulk uploading of the gallery.[/li][/ul]
A few things still to do e.g. look at changing the style sheet so that members can see the fields more easily.
By captaindick1937 - 28 Feb 2018

Thanks, Tony.
[ul][li]What is the procedure for a member to enter For Sale items[/li][li]I cannot locate a search function on the website; can you help?
[/li][/ul]Thank you,
Dick Guckel
By Saltwhistle III - 28 Feb 2018

Hi Dick:

For Sale - members can continue to post on the forum as usual. Because the For Sale page is a web page its created through the Content Management System i.e. there isn't a member's ability to post direct to the For Sale. Simon is looking at arrangements (aka volunteer) for someone to do this function.

Search Function : on the public side -> 'hamburger' menu -> Cruising Info -> Search OCC Website (actually an embedded Bing search which we've submitted XML site maps for)