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By PhilipH2 - 9 Jan 2019

I bought an iPad in 2012 and Navionics charts as back up, to take us across the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. This was a one-off purchase. I am now planning on entering the eastern Mediterranean and it appears that I can only take out an annual subscription for £49.99. Does any one know if this is the only possibility are are there other options? I know it's not a lot of money and the C-Map SD card for the chartplotter for the same area costs £199.20 i.e. same price over 4 years.
Incidentally I have started a new thread because the existing Navionics thread is about accuracy.
By simoncurrin - 9 Jan 2019

My subscription for my Navionics European charts expired in 2015 and the installed charts are still visible and usable. I get a message saying that they can’t be updated and I suspect (although I haven’t tried) I can’t download new panes or install on a new device unless I re-subscribe. I think if you are prepared to go without updrades and able to download all that you need during the subscription year then your investment will survive?
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By David.Tyler - 11 Jan 2019

I've been using iSailor on my iPad for quite a while now. I find the presentation easier on the eye than other systems, and coverage proved very good for my voyaging in the Atlantic and Pacific. It has recently changed ownership and is now Wartsila iSailor, and the payment model has also changed from a one-off purchase to an annual subscription. It's still pretty good value: Eastern Med incl S Turkey, Israel, part of Egypt, £10.49. The rest of the N coast of Africa £13.99. Aegean Sea £10.49 Greece incl Eagle Ray charts £23.49.