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By DariaBlackwell - 25 Jun 2019

We've had our Montague folding bikes along for years on our boat. They've done well for us, being useful on road and off. They are ruggedly built but heavy, and trudging them around in our dinghy has been challenging. So, as we move to a somewhat smaller boat and riper age, we're also looking for alternatives. We just came across this electrically assisted motor vehicle that's as small as half our Montagues. It's reasonably priced and looks useful. Does anyone have any experience or other ideas?

Smart Setr
By bbalme - 25 Jun 2019

Looks quite interesting Daria - even if it is cheating! Seems you have to put your feet on the front axle - right? No opportunity to pedal, so if battery dies, you basically are left with an old fashioned skooter?  
We got rid of our Bike Friday folding tandem - and now have nothing. I miss having a bike aboard, but I don't miss the hassle of putting it all together! A Brompton would be my choice if I could justify the outlay for two...