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Electronic Navigation questionnaire and Conference


By alshaheen - 4 Sep 2019

The Small Craft Group (SCG) of the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) is to hold a conference on Electronic Navigation in Lymington (UK) on 11 January 2020. In conjunction with this SCG has published a questionnaire on the subject and has invited OCC members to participate. I already published this on Facebook which resulted in a number of comments: too UK focussed, doesn't ask the right questions in some cases, does not recognise OpenCPN etc. Nevertheless it would be appreciated if OCC members would complete the questionnaire. The results will be made available at the January conference although I may be able to obtain them beforehand, in which case I will publish them here.

Calling small boat owners and sailors
Please help the Royal Institute of Navigation develop better guidance for staying safe with electronic navigation.

This questionnaire will provide the RIN's Small Craft Group (SCG) with a current picture of small craft navigation, both paper and all forms of electronic.

The SCG aims to develop and publish guidance for staying safe with electronic navigation; and to promote the interests of the small craft navigator, help inform the community and improve navigation safety.

We invite you to complete our questionnaire: https://rin.org.uk/page/SCG_Qu_2019_20

Electronic Navigation Conference 2020
Are you confident about your navigation decisions?

The Royal Institute of Navigation is holding a one-day Electronic Navigation conference, in association with the Royal Lymington Yacht Club, on 11 January 2020. The conference is open to all and is focused on developing skills, knowledge and awareness in all aspects of small craft navigation.

Among the questions addressed will be:

  How important is it to update my electronic charts and navigation system software?
  How accurate is my GPS?
  How accurate and reliable is my electronic navigation system?
  How do I find out about changes that affect me?
  Do I still need to carry paper charts?
  What training do I need on electronic navigation and who can provide it?

Registration and further information can be found by clicking here.