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Publishing you own book


By Alex_Blackwell - 20 Nov 2019

As the saying goes, everyone has a book in them. Many have even written one in whole or in part. Most have given up as the publishing process proved either too daunting, or they were flatly rejected by either a literary agency or a publisher. And then there are all those who wrote just for the pleasure of it – a family history, a memoir or biography, a personal poetry collection, or a cookbook for distribution to friends and family for Christmas. All of these deserve to be published.
One small caveat might be in order here already. Every book also deserves to be edited. To what extent this is done depends, of course, on whether the book is intended to be the next block-buster, best-selling work of literary fiction, or if it is indeed just something to amuse or bemuse friends and family.
  • Do you have an idea for a book?
  • Have you written a novel, short story of poetry collection?
  • Are you an instructor or specialist and have been asked about further reading?
  • Have you been turned down or disappointed by traditional publishers?
If you would like to self-publish in print and/or online, I can help. We have self-published several book titles of our own I teach a college course on self-publishing and have written a how-to book on the subject: Self-Publishing for Success. As a prior book printer, marketer, and author, I can advise you from a knowledgeable perspective on what it takes to create, publish, launch and promote your book.
I can help you:
  • With the typography and layout of your book.
  • With the design and layout of your book cover`.
  • Get quantities of your book printed and delivered to you or elsewhere.
  • Get your book printed on demand online.
  • Convert your book to several different eBook formats - including Amazon's Kindle.
To get you started, I have a website section loaded with free information and tutorials: https://www.whiteseahorse.ie/Self-Publishing