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Over 900 anchorages on Google Earth


By johnkirkus - 21 Sep 2012

[size=1][size=2][size=2][size=3][size=4][size=6][size=4]And I should dearly like to reach 1000!
If anyone has tracks that they would permit me to add to Bluesipp 's Library do please let me know. I collect tracks that have been recorded on cruises and voyages from around the world.
These tracks are then added to the Library in Google, MaxSea and OpenCPN formats. They are freely available to anyone who wishes to download them. Take a look at http://www.bluesipp.blogspot.fi/ to see how to view them. At present there are over 150 tracks in the Library showing just over 900 anchorages.[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size]
By DariaBlackwell - 21 Sep 2012

Hi John,
I just happened to be in the forum and saw your post. Something has gone wrong with the typeface in your post. It 's all jumbled. Please edit. The type will appear tiny in the window you are typing in, but normal after you post.
By johnkirkus - 21 Sep 2012

And that is a mess - very sorry I will try to find out how to fix it!
By johnkirkus - 21 Sep 2012

Thanks Daria I hope that has fixed it!
By simoncurrin - 23 Sep 2012

Hi both,
A tip for using the Forum and previewing the format of a post. On the right hand side of the Menu bar of the posting are two icons that open a preview pane either above or alongside the text editing window.
By johnkirkus - 23 Sep 2012

Hi Simon - many thanks, I must have tried every other icon!! And indeed it works
cheers John