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Addressing dangers of lost containers


By Emily.Winter - 22 Jun 2021

(This is a thread copied from the OCC Members Facebook Group)

The dangers of lost containers are identified in a symposium. "The risks are real!"

•    It’s why I sailed a heavy steel boat! 
•    Containers are certainly a risk, but i think only a small proportion of the total floating junk, mostly trees of natural origin.
The article is shy of hard data beyond the total number of containers that are lost.
How many float? I have seen tens of thousands of logs washed up on the BC coast but I have yet to see a floating or grounded container
•    One of the reasons we opted for a boat with a 10mm thick Aluminium hull. Containers are just one of many types of dangerous floating debri. Around Central America we found floating trees were common, particularly a few days after a storm once they've had a chance to wash out of the many rivers. Not uncommon 100 or more miles off shore.