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​Auto helm linear drive


By Emily.Winter - 22 Jun 2021

(This is a thread copied from the OCC Members Facebook Group)

Auto helm linear drive - help!
Hand steering became very stiff. Removing linear drive has restored steering. On a previous occasion, when we took the thing apart, the retaining circlip inside the LD had broken and come away. This time, the circlip is in place and looks fine. Anyone out there with any suggestions? Would rather not refer to Autohelm until we've exhausted the self-help options.
We're only bodging around local to home, so its a nuisance not a problem - but it needs fixing.

• I suggest the most likely culprit are the bushes inside the long tube. Officially this is not a serviceable item, as you don’t see any diagram of the components. It can be got apart, but take care to catch the 63(?) tiny ball bearings.
In truth, I ended up getting a replacement unit as I couldn’t get all the wear out and it still stuck in places.
•    We'll take a look. Thanks - ours seems to be moving freely now, for just cleaning up and lubricating the get-at-able bits, although there is definitely a gritty feel to one end of the travel . Very much hoping its not a replacement job - we couldn't find one for less than £750. Woe, oh woe!
Solved a similar issue by replacing the spiral pin #22. Also replaced the other pin in the planet gear Assy.
•    Thanks - musing out loud: any clues why that had an effect?? It looks like it just locks the bearing plate in place. Even if worn, the pin would allow the bearing plate to move only slightly, surely not enough to affect the ability of the clutch to disengage...? Will check it out, and replace both pins as you suggest.
We're going to take it home, and dismantle it where there is no bilge trap for little dropped bits!