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By Dick - 27 Nov 2021

Hi all,
Below please find a companion piece to the Ship’s Log stream we have been talking about. I also do a daily Ship’s Log when on passage, more like a journal as much important data is already in the Passage Log.
My best, Dick Stevenson, s/v Alchemy
Passage logs      Alchemy                        
Our Passage Log is filled in a minimum of every 3 hrs. on passage, more often as conditions dictate. The following data is set up on paper sheets pre-printed with spaces for entry. We resort to passage logs when ever we are out for an over-night or longer.
TIME: date & time & time zone changes
BOAT DATA: Course by compass, and boat speed, TW(true wind) direction and velocity, barometer reading and its delta, temperature: water and air, point of sail
GPS DATA: COG and SOG, lat/lon, WP (waypoint) bearing and distance
Observations: Conditions; wave/swell & direction relative to boat, weather; clouds, rain
Comments: sail changes etc. and space for the watch to initial entry
A very important point! (at least for me): Although there is a space for departure location and destination, I never fill in the destination until safe arrival. Until then we are not on our way to XYZ, we are “on passage”.