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the Admiral
Posts: 17

the Admiral
Posts: 17
After a wonderful time in the Canaries last year and an awkward crossing to Guadeloupe (no wind, headwinds and then plenty of wind!) cruising throughout the Caribbean was delightful. Meeting many OCC members and introducing a good number of new members was certainly rewarding and enjoyable.
Now Ear to Eternity is on her way home in the capable hands of my son William (OCC) and his friend Tom (soon to be OCC). They are currently two days from Bermuda having left from Antigua. Daily runs of 180nm have been common but now the wind has eased a bit they are down to 140-160 nm.
We do not have solar or wind charging but rely on a Northern Lights generator which has been faultless. The Hydrovane is an essential bit of kit and has performed brilliantly in all conditions.
Ear to Eternity will be in the Azores soon and then we plan to sail to Galicia for the summer.
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