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The Purpose of this section of the Forum is for members to inform each other of Cruising Plans and make Reports. We are in the process of migrating data from the CIC to this part of the Forum so that it can be more easily searched and navigated.

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Posts: 47
Message from Tim Armes (non member)


I 'm a British sailor and an independent software developer and I 'm writing to ask for your help with a free new web service that I 'm developing for the sailing community.

Abesea is a service which allows sailors to create and store their personal logbook online. For many of us logbooks are the best way to remember our sailing experiences and to be able to look back on them in the future. Logbooks are also essential for anybody wishing to persue sailing certifications, and those intending to charter boats. Using Abesea it 's easy to point people to your logbook in order to give them a feeling for your sailing experience:


Since it 's new I 'm looking for feedback on the site, and I feel that British sailing clubs would have the best people to off me an intelligent assessment.

If any of your club members could spare me some time I 'd be really grateful if they would take a look at the site, create a few log entries and most importantly let me know of any suggestions that they have or problems that they encounter.

You can reply to me directly at this address - please forward this email to anyone that might be able to help.

Please note that this is really a site born of passion and my own desire to store and share my sailing experiences. It 's not a money making exercise.

Best regards,

Tim Armes
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