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John Franklin
Posts: 130

John Franklin
Posts: 130
I have just received a request from Madeleine Strobel who is editing a new edition of the pilot book to the Baltic Sea for the RCC Pilotage Foundation, wanting photographs of the eastern end of the Gulf of Finland:
"I have been desperately looking for photographs of the eastern side of the Gulf of Finland, between Helsinki and Santio. I am collating all the text, photos and plans for the first draft and I realise that I have a 'bold patch ' in that area, where I am missing photographs.
I was wondering whether you could help. Do you have any photographs of Porvoo, Loviisa, Kotka, Hamina or Santio?
I have enough photographs of Helsinki!
Also, in the western part of the Gulf of Finland, I could do with any photographs of Tammisaari.

Any photographs of the Gulf of Finland would be most appreciated."

Anyone having his res colour photos of these areas please contact Madeleine at: madeleinestrobel@me.com

John Franklin
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