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Instructions for OCC members on how to be included in the circumnavigators roll

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Cliive Woodman
Posts: 2

Cliive Woodman
Posts: 2
Addition to the OCC Circumnavigation Roll shall be earned

- By an OCC member
- for a continuous circumnavigation of the world,
- which crosses all meridians,
- is completed entirely on water,
- in the same vessel of no more than 70 feet LOA. If the vessel has for some reason changed, the passage must continue from where the previous one left off in order for it to be a continuous circumnavigation.

While there is no time restriction on the total time taken, the applicant must have personally sailed on the circumnavigating boat for all legs. The circumnavigation is deemed complete once the vessel crosses its outgoing track or returns to its original departure point, having met the above condition.


Submit the required details of the circumnavigation as listed below to the Circumnavigation SubCommittee for ratification. Each person who is an OCC member (skipper and/or crew) must submit a separate application.

Once ratified, the details will be posted as a permanent Circumnavigator's Roll to be held on the website, in the OCC Archives and, space permitting, in the Members Handbook, updated regularly. Circumnavigators who advise that they have just completed their voyages should be welcomed home on the OCC facebook page, in the e-Bulletin and the Newsletter.

Details Required:

1. Name of Boat and length overall

2. Name of circumnavigator and position aboard

3. Nationality and OCC membership joining date

4. Start and finish dates of circumnavigation

5. Start and finish location, or start and point at which outgoing track was crossed

6. Route taken

7. Total distance covered in nautical miles

8. Website, blog address and/or any related published articles if available

Email to: Jenny Crickmore-Thompson
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