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George Curtis
Posts: 232

George Curtis
Posts: 232
Anne and I have received the following message from Mike Bickell with which I concur!
"Since we met I have looked up the current web-site home-page and agree it presents a cleaner image than previously. I also appreciate Daria has given me pride of place in providing a prominent link to "Grandpa's Voyages" in the "Cruising Conversations" section of the forum. However, my primary criticism remains that the main value of the club - the publication and dissemination of cruising information - has been relegated to a subsidiary role - a secondary position in a secondary page of the club's website. I hope you will accept this suggestion as useful when considering further reform and improvement of the Club's presentation of itself to the public."

The user requirement for Cruising Information is that someone planning a cruise may quickly and easily obtain all the useful information the OCC can provide on the cruising areas he is researching with as few clicks as possible, preferably as the result on one search operation. This includes recommended cruising guides, pilotage, regulations, provisioning, things to see and do, FF articles, Port officer information, members who live there, members who have been there and members who are planning to go there.

I know you already have plans to achieve this in the referencing system planned for this autumn.
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