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Posts: 50
Re: Charts and Pilot Guides used but useful. Youth Sponsorship Scheme
How many of us have charts and pilot guides which we no longer use? Passages have been completed, and very often we are at the wrong end (downwind) of a cruising route to sell or pass on these items which would be very useful to fellow cruisers embarking in our wake.
I am sure I am not the only OCC cruiser that has a collection of good information in the spare bedroom at home or stuffed around the boat, when we know realistically we will not use them again.
There is often not a lot of hard cash value in these items so they just sit there. My proposal is for OCC members to use the Forum to dispose of these items, and instead of asking a fixed price, to ask for donations toward the OCC Youth Sponsorship Scheme, obviously delivery of the said items would need to be arranged.
The result would be three fold:
1. You would de clutter your storage area.
2. A fellow member would get hard copy of information for forthcoming passage planning and cruising a new area,
3. The donations would go directly to the Youth sponsorship Scheme thus helping an up and coming crew to get their deck shoes on the Ocean Cruising Experiences many of us have enjoyed for a long time.
I am sure that the mechanics of this could get complicated, but I hope it can stay simple.
To hopefully cast off this idea, I have listed all the Pacific chart folio’s and Pilot Guides that are in our spare room.
You can contact me on my e mail address one.23@virgin.net
Let’s see if we can help each other
Brian C Wallace
s/v Darramy
Bellingham Chart Folios
Portfolio W07 Pacific Passage making charts 24 charts
Portfolio 800 Marqusues to Fiji 36 Charts
Portfolio 810 Vanuatu New Caledonia, & Loyalty Islands 20 Charts
Portfolio 735 Banda Sea to Bali 29 Charts
Portfolio750 Sumatra to Singapore 27 Charts
All charts are in black and white and purchased 2011 onwards.
Bellingham Charts are durable copies of US charts. Many of these are unused.

Pilot Guides
Pacific Crossing Guide 2nd edition 2003
Landfalls of Paradise 5th edition 2006
Panama Cruising Guide Eric Blauhaus 3rd edition
Panama Guide by Zydlr 2nd edition
Charlies Guide to Polynesia 6th edition
South Pacific anchorages Warwick Clay
South East Asian Pilot (As New) 4th edition
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