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Mike Celis
Posts: 1

Mike Celis
Posts: 1

At this moment we're visiting the Caribbean with our Dufour 500 after taking part in the ARC 2017.
After Easternholiday 2018 I'll bring our boat to Washington. We plan to leave Sint Maarten around the 16the of April and sailor direct to Washington or go over Bermuda. This depend on the crew and on the weather.
I'll hope to arrive in Washington 10 days later if we take a direct cours.

I'm not looking for the most experienced sailors but rather to people who has the willingness to be at sea for 10 days and has respect for the boat and crew.
I'm a non smoker.

If we do a trip with other people we split costs like food and drinks, tickets, etc...
Are you interested, please send a mail to mike.celis@ctparamedics.be.
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