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Skippers interested in offering a passage to an OCC Youth Sponsorship Programme person please be in touch with Shaun Peck the Coordinator.
Cian Mullee (Aged 20)

Sailing Experience: My introduction to Sailing began as a child as I was brought up in a sailing family. I was always on the sea from a young age, gaining experience in all types of boats (Sail, Motor, Paddle.) At the age of eight , I started my first ISA(Irish Sailing Association) sailing scheme, the module 'start sailing'. After completing this module, I returned every summer for the seven years and completed the following modules
• Basic skills
• Improving Skills
• Advanced Boat Handling
• Go Racing
• Adventure 1+2
• Kites and Wires
Upon completing all of the available modules, I began gathering the various pre-requisites required to become a Sailing Instructor within the ISA. I obtained certificates of the following,
• Occupational First Aid
• Cardiac first Response
• Radio Operators Short Range (VHF)
• National Powerboat

I then moved on to the ISA Pre-Entry Assessment and Instructor Course. The Pre-Entry is broken into two parts, the first part examines your knowledge of sail theory and safety on the water. The second tests your sailing ability on the water, where you have a list of maneuvers and skills you must complete and demonstrate on the water. Upon finishing the Pre-entry you then are eligible to progress into the instructor course. The Instructor course is five days long and is centered around developing the correct methods of teaching and management of groups, with lots of emphasis on safety on the water, progression of the trainee's skills and of course they're enjoyment. Throughout the week I was asked to prepare sessions for theoretical and practical learning as well as various activities and methods of keeping the trainee engaged and interested. This course developed my teaching skills immensely and ignited my passion for helping others to learn the amazing skills that come with sailing. I then worked as a Dinghy Instructor worked in my local sailing club in Mayo for 3 summers improving my sailing and instructing skills. I then upgraded to senior instructor certificate under the ISA. My Irish Sailing Association certified qualifications and training as a Senior Instructor managing teams of 10-15 instructors have massively strengthened my interpersonal skills, my ability to work within a team as well as managing a team, my communication skills, and my ability to delegate and supervise in a positive and constructive manner. In this role I also became comfortable with establishing and implementing standard operating procedures, risk assessments and accident and injury incident protocols and reports. As a manager, I will look to implement evidence-based teaching strategies, evaluation approaches, and useful technology. Working in a changeable nautical environment greatly improved my decision making and ability to adapt to both foreseen and unforeseen challenges to my work plans, settings, and schedule in a flexible, productive, and safety conscious manner. This work also gave me huge appreciation for using multiple teaching and communication approaches to achieve the most engagement and understanding with a wide range of characters and personalities, insight which has helped me greatly in building strong professional research relationships. I also have gained considerable experience in cruising and racing yachts in my local sailing club and around Ireland competing in various events and cruises, mainly on my families' Ruffian 23 and also on multiple local boats. I've recently been helming a Hunter Formula 28, trying to gain as much experience and skills as possible. I'm constantly looking to improve my skills and experience to better myself as a sailor and an instructor. I'm very passionate about sailing and would it be a dream come true to create a career in the sport I love.

Personal Statement: I'm applying for this sponsorship because I have a deep passion for sailing and I desperately want a career in the sport of sailing, but as a young man from the west of Ireland, its proving very difficult to break into the industry. This sponsorship would help me overcome the various obstacles that are in my way at the minute. I'm a hard working individual that will take full advantage of the opportunity if I'm given it. The price of flights, ocean cruising gear and just the overall costs are proving too much for me at the moment and would be unfeasible for me to attempt for at least a few years. The sponsorship would allow me to make the jump into my dream life at a very young age to make the very best of an incredible experience that would open countless opportunities for me to build a career as a sailor; it would be an incredible experience that would allow me to live my dream. I hope you consider me for this unique experience, I will use it to it's maximum potential and ensure every cent invested in this sponsorship is used wisely to achieve the very best outcome. Thank you
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