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Bill Balme
Posts: 149

Bill Balme
Posts: 149
I'm planning this year's voyage and using Jimmy Cornell's "Ocean Atlas" and I'm about to admit a major shortcoming in my education that I hope someone will GENTLY coach me on...

We're looking at doing a bit of a circuitous route from the Caribbean down to Patagonia - via Azores, Canaries, Cape Verdes & Brazil... I look at the Atlas for an October departure from the Cape Verdes (page 27 if you have the book) to Brazil and my interpretation of the wind roses just south of the islands shows 65 - 77% probability of North East wind force 4. It also has the percentage of CALMS as 0%... - That all sounds good... For giggles, I then go look at what happens in July & August - hurricane season and the calms/storms seem to be largely 0% (either blue or red) right across the Atlantic - how can this be? Since I know there are major storms during that period, either Jimmy screwed up (unlikely) or I'm reading these things wrong!

Can someone shed some light for me?


Bill Balme
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