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Posts: 47
In September last year I left my boat on the Papeete Marina, with someone to keep an eye on her. Early this year a big swell came through the harbour and broke up the pontoon where my boat, and several others, were moored. My man moved my boat to a better location with no damage at all.
On my return I have moved to Taina Marina to have much needed repairs done.
I have found several good people to do this work.
First is my agent, Laurent Bernaert of PYS, phone +68987771230. An excellent Frenchman who also speaks English. A real mister arrange it, no problem. Immigration, tax free fuel etc.
Secondly the man who looked after my boat for 6 months. Mike Raoult, phone +68987411124. A professional yacht skipper.
Thirdly Mat Angelin, the best rigger in Polynesia. His phone is +68987720502, another English speaking Frenchman.
Last is Luc, I don’t have a second name. His phone is +68987737919. He knows everyone and can do/fix most things on a boat, including refrigeration, removing and fitting a new generator, sourcing bits and pieces. He also polished my fuel for me, no mess.
Taina is the more secure marina from the weather, though Papeete Marina is in the town. Costs during the season are much the same, but during the off times the Papeete is about 1/3 the price. For getting work done Taina is the one to go to.
Hope this is of some interest,

Hugh Pilsworth,
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