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Posts: 21
AGM AOB Motion:
The Committee is requested to reconsider changes recently made to the number of awards and the conditions appertaining to them, bearing in mind any comments made by members at the 2018 AGM.
Proposed by: George Curtis
Seconded by: Penelope Curtis

Members will be aware that the OCC Awards Sub Committee has conducted a thorough review of the Club’s awards causing a reduction of the total number awarded and also of the number to be awarded to OCC members. Since the OCC Award System is closely linked to the spirit and objective of the Club, it seems appropriate that the Sub Committee work be endorsed at the AGM and that those members present get the opportunity to make suggestions.

I feel well qualified to tell of the enormous pleasure that receiving awards from the OCC gives to the recipient. It seems a pity that the reduction in the number of awards may deny this pleasure to some worthy candidates in the future. And also, as the person who has focused on one specific function in the Club, cruising information, I have seen how those who make great efforts in the provision of this have been encouraged by recognition in the award of the Water Music Trophy.

I summarise the awards situation below from the present website page and I hope the Awards Sub Committee will not feel it impudent of me to make some recommendation for their consideration!

Awards open to nomination
Awards open to All OCC Barton Cup
This award recognises an exceptional or challenging voyage or series of voyages.

OCC Jester Award
The Jester Award recognises a noteworthy single-handed voyage or series of voyages made in a vessel of 30ft or less overall.

OCC Award
First awarded 1960 - Recognises valuable service to the OCC or the ocean cruising community as a whole.

OCC Seamanship Award
This award recognises feats of exceptional seamanship and/or bravery at sea.

OCC Lifetime Cruising Award
This award recognises a lifetime of noteworthy ocean cruising.

Awards open to OCC Members Only
Vasey Vase
This award recognises an unusual or exploratory voyage made by a member.

Qualifier's Mug
This award recognises the most ambitious or arduous qualifying voyage published by a member in print or online.

Awards open to OCC Port Officers and Port Officer Representatives Only

Port Officer Service Award
Awarded to Port Officers or Port Officers Representatives who have provided outstanding service to both local and visiting members.

Port Officer Rally Award
For an exceptional cruising rally organised by a Port Officer or Port Officer Representative (cruising rally defined as a rally of boats moving from port to port).

Port Officer Events Award
Created in 2017, this award is for an exceptional single event organised by a Port Officer or Port Officer Representative.

Awards not open to nomination
These awards are not open for general nomination but are decided by specific Flag Officers, Committees, or sectors of the OCC membership:
The David Wallis Trophy
Recognises an outstanding contribution to Flying Fish.

The Vertue Award
For a voyage or service to the OCC by a North American member (judged by North American officers).

The Australian Trophy
For a voyage made by an Australian member or members which starts or finishes in Australia.

Archived Awards
The OCC Award of Merit
One or more awards, open to members or non-members who have performed some outstanding voyage or achievement.
Recommendation: This award be added to ‘Awards not open to nomination’ to be available as a ‘Special Award’ at the discretion of the Committee.

The Rose Medal
For the most challenging short-handed voyage made by a member or members.
Recommendation: This award be added to ‘Awards open to OCC Members only’ to be awarded in any year that the OCC Jester Award is not awarded to an OCC member.

The Geoff Pack Memorial Award
This award goes to the person (member or non-member) who, by their writing, in print or online, has done most to foster and encourage ocean cruising in yachts or other small craft.
Recommendation: This award be added to ‘Awards Open to Nomination’ to recognise such authors.

The Water Music Trophy
Awarded to the member or members who has/have contributed most to the Club by way of providing cruising, navigation or pilotage information.
Recommendation. This award be added to ‘Awards not open to Nomination’ and to be awarded annually by the Committee to actively promote the provision of cruising, navigation or pilotage information.

The Rambler Medal
Awarded for the most challenging short voyage (within three weeks and under 1000nm) ..

The Endurance Award
Those who have demonstrated indomitable spirit and perseverance ..
Recommendation: This award be added to ‘Awards not open to nomination’ to be available as a ‘Special Award’ at the discretion of the Committee.

Summary of Recommendations:

New System
Old System
Open to All
Open to OCC Members only
Port Officers
Not open to nomination
Available as Special Awards


George Cutis
8th April 2018
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