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Daria Blackwell
Posts: 764

Daria Blackwell
Posts: 764
Posted on behalf of OCC member Mike Munchow:
I am proud to announce that the magazine 'Classic Boat' has included 'Spirit of Venice' in its annual award winning competition under the category ’Spirit of tradition’. If members like my boat they can vote for it . This is how it works :
Readers, friends, sailors, you name it, are invited to select any of the 8 boats, and I would be delighted, in case you like Spirit of Venice more than the other boats, to take the effort and vote for it.

Here is what you need to do, it takes you only 5 minutes :
1. go to www.classicboat.co.uk

2. open : award categories
3. open : spirit of tradition
4. look at the line up and select Spirit of Venice
5. VOTE !!!!!!!
You will be asked for your name and email address, but you do not need to be a reader of the magazine or need to tick any request for information.

Daria Blackwell - Rear Commodore, PR Officer, Editor OCC Digital Comms & Port Officer, West of Ireland s/v Aleria http://www.coastalboating.net
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