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Cutlass Bearings


By bwallace - 2 Nov 2019

Hi all, I have to replace my cutlass bearings. (Beneteau First 405).

The one for the P bracket is a straight forward brass shelled bearing. With grub screws to retain it.

The intermediating one in the stern tube is rubber (which is a fairly standard Benateau part).
There are no locking screws to hold this in place as with a P bracket bearing. There is no way that grub screws can be fitted
I understand that these bearings are bonded in, and it has been suggested that Locktite is a good solution for this job. Obviously I can’t use epoxy as removal in the future would be impossible. Access is not easy, as it is at the start of the internal part of the bronze stern tube.
Has anyone any other suggestion besides using locktite ?

I await any useful tips.

Thanks in anticipation

S/V Darramy on the hard at Evoiko Sea Centre 🤪🤪

By Steve.Houssart - 18 Feb 2020

Brian, I have a Bene 473, hasn't got a P bracket, but I've just done my cutlass bearings and rudder bearings at the same time and I swear by 3M 4200 SC it semi-cures and hold things in place but doesn't! mean destroying your boat to get them back out again! 
By bwallace - 22 Feb 2020

Thanks Steve for your input. I posted this in November so job completed.
However, I managed to drill and screw a nylon grub screw into the inboard of the stern tube, also used a light smear of  Sikaflex 290 deck caulking as well as it was all I had, but believe the grub screw should be sufficient as there is no real load on the bearing, and this new bearing has flange on it so it can’t disappear down the tube one way and the stern seal stops it coming inboard.
We launch at the beginning of April so fingers crossed!

By Steve.Houssart - 22 Feb 2020

Great Stuff, yes I drilled and put in a couple of grubbies myself, I did it the time before and although it held, it really didn't make it any easier getting it out, still had to get the hacksaw to the old one.