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Now you can easily subscribe to CSSN Email ALERTS, and have all the new Incident Reports and News Items delivered right to your inbox INSTANTLY as they are posted, or whenever you want (Daily, Weekly or Monthly). It could not be any easier to stay informed, and KNOW BEFORE YOU GO !
Just click the icon/link ...
and go directly to the signup page where the various options are detailed, and of course,
it 's all FREE.

You can still use the historical database to create reports about areas that interest you. If you haven 't visited the CSSN website lately, click (here) and take a few minutes and review the many improvements that have been made there, including improved and easily customized island/anchorage reports, accessing whatever parts of the extensive CSSN database that are relevant to you.
We have revised our easy to use online incident reporting form, take it for a test drive ... . Know what questions to ask when you hear a report on VHF. No one wants to be a victim but if you are, it 's easy and important to make an online report to CSSN. It is your opportunity to help others to avoid a similar problem, and to create the historic record in a complete and accurate way.

When you hear of an incident, ask those involved to complete a CSSN online incident report, or simply make a report on their behalf. Do take the few minutes it takes to help others understand and possibly prevent the same from happening again.

Our privacy policy is simple - we don 't share your name, boat name or email with others, ever.

Remember, it 's our cruising community, let 's make it safer and allow everyone to make informed decisions. The tools at the CSSN website are there for you, understand and use them wisely ! We welcome your comments and feedback .
Enjoy safe and informed cruising,
the CSSN team

Kim R. White, S/V Gabrielle
Caribbean Safety and Security Net

Vice Commodore, OCC 

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