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Port Stanley – 51°41.00'S, 57°50.00'W
1. Berthing/anchorage.

The harbour is open to the prevailing westerly wind with a long scend. Anchorage is possible more or less anywhere but is likely to be deeply uncomfortable and unsafe in a blow.

Alongside berthing is possibile on the town dock (51 41.5S, 57 51.2W) but this is exposed and you must leave whenever the dock is required by cruise ship launches (several times a week).

Alongside berthing is possible on the eastern wall of FIPASS (51 41.5S, 57 49.2W). This is safe under all normal conditions, but would be untenable in an easterly gale. The berth is alongside a rusty steel wall with a difficult ladder and noisy from trucks passing down the ramp. Cost in 2007 was a nominal GBP7.00 daily.

It might be possible to arrange a berth in the Canache at the extreme easterly end of the harbour. There are a number of wrecks which are used for berthing and some fairly primitive pontoons. A number of local boats use this area.

There is a small private marina for about four boats well to the west of town. This has been used for long term stays by visiting boats and contact with the owner could be made through the Port Officer.

In summary Port Stanley is not an easy harbour for a yacht. The best bet for a short term visitor is FIPASS.

2. Facilities

There are no yacht facilities in Port Stanley, but there is a great talent for improvisation. Most engineering repairs could be achieved and haul out is possible. Import of spare parts is easy via the weekly airbridge from UK and there is no import duty.

Diesel, water and gas (propane) are all easily available at FIPASS. They can fill both UK and US standard gas bottles (propane tanks).

There is one adequate supermarket which is currently supplied by Waitrose in the UK via the routine freight ship. There is no VAT but prices are about the same as the UK due to the shipping costs. Supplies of fresh vegetables and fruit are limited.

Routine hardware etc is available.

There are good telephone and internet services although they are expensivde.

Showers and laundry are available at the Seamans Mission close by FIPASS

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