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Port Elizabeth, Admiralty Bay, Bequia, – 13°00.00'N, 61°15.00'W
2009 - Easy approach. Good shelter from Easterlies but wind funnels through the harbour. You may be met and shown to a mooring by a boat boy. Mooring $EC40 per night. Fuel, water and ice are delivered alongside; call Daffodil on Ch 16. They also take laundry and return on the same day. Bread is available by boat boy early in the morning. Clearing in and out in the Port Area at Port Elizabeth is much easier than in Kingstown where you have to visit the Airport and the town.
Provisions is good if a bit expensive at Doris Fine Foods including frozen meat. Other supermarkets are less expensive but less good stock. Good but pushy veg market and supposedly a fish market but we never saw any fish there. There is a good set of restaurants, mainly along the South shore. We thought Mac’s Pizzaria good value but you may have to book. Serves a lot more that just pizzas. The Gingerbread Hotel is also good. We attended the steel band night at the Frangipani. A good salad and bbq but the steel band and was ruined by an over-enthusiastic conventional drum kit. Sailmaking and engineering are surprisingly good. We had a new spray-hood made in 4 days by Whitfield sail makers. Robin, a motor racing engineer phone 4573962, cell 5266729, has set up shop on the North shore and claims to be the only stainless steel and aluminium welder in the area. He has machine tools in his workshop and was able to reduce the diameter of and fit a new generator pulley. Getting hold of spares is more difficult but Charmaine at GYE Yacht Services phone 4583347 is very knowledgeable on were to find things in Kingstown, St Vincent and arranged next day delivery by ferry for a part we required.I am told there is a slip but do not know the capacity.

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