Barbuda - Blue Halo Project

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The Waitt Foundation 's Barbuda Blue Halo project is starting to mature. Legislation is in place now for the protection of the fishery and ecosystem of Barbuda. For cruisers, what does this mean? Well a couple of things; there are now DESIGNATED areas where to anchor and moor. ALL other areas are OFF LIMITS and subject to hefty fines. ($100.00 plus $5.00 per day for the first offense, $250.00 for the second)

You cannot "Drag a vessel across a sandbar, seagrass bed,
or other substrate" They SPECIFICALLY say the bar between the lagoon and Low Bay in the legislation. Fine is: $250.00 for the first offense. $500.00 for the next.

The National Park Authority has been established.

There are large areas where fishing is now prohibited with appropriate fines as well as specific "no net zones". Fishing by foreign vessels is a real problem here as well.

All and all, this is a good thing and sorely needed. Other islands at risk are following in Barbuda footsteps, namely Montserrat and Curacao.

The foundation is also funding children 's education through school programs, a PATROL BOAT and operation there of, training of enforcement officials, a communications system and so on. Observation posts on land as well observations moorings are to be placed. This is a work in progress but it is progressing. The Patrol Boat is not here yet.

So, if heading to Barbuda you may want to take a look at the link below. Most of the usual anchorages are designated but a few are not. Buoys have already been placed in many areas designating the limits of various "zones". You may want to take a look at the map(s) on the link.

The legislation also provides for charging "mooring and anchoring fees" although I don 't think that is going to start anytime soon but I can 't blame them. They need some funds to save this island.

I guess I can 't anchor north of Cedar Tree Point anymore...

Bob Mackie


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