part 1 or part 3 regsitration?

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Hi all,

I am in the process of registering my recent (sort of) purchase. I plan some longer cruising miles and far flung shores.
Should I be on part 1 registry (british) or part 3? Is there a down side to part 1? I will likely be out of the country for more than the 135 days per year it requires.
As always I appreciate your feedback.
Simon Currin
Simon Currin
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The responses below were copied form the OCC Facebook page where this question was also asked. Saved to the Forum for future reference.

Anne Hulbert
Very expensive to get boat measured for Part 1. We continued with Part 1 as boat was already registered but in our experience (Europe, Caribbean, USA, South America) it makes no difference - all they want to see is some sort of registration document. Most boats have SSR and have no problems whatsoever. And there 's no nice blue book anymore, it 's just a laminated sheet

David Tyler
My SSR was accepted without question by everyone who needed to see a boat registration document. They never examined it closely to check that it hadn 't expired, or was otherwise invalid. They just needed a reg number to write on their forms. Where I ca...See more

Peter Whatley
Interesting question. For me Part 1 is the choice as it is my understanding that this is the only form of registration that proves title. (I am happy to be corrected on this) The costs are not too bad and it also means that you don 't have to plaster a big number on your boat.
Most yacht brokers are able to measure your boat and process the registration. Perhaps John Rodrigues could help out OCC members.

John Dyer
I agree with Peter Whatley , SSR does not prove title whereas part 1 reg does. The surveyor from your purchase may be able to give you the measurement data for your registration, for a fee no doubt.

John Rodriguez
Hi All. As Yacht Brokers we prefer Part 1 as it is the closest we can get to proving title (I say closest as there could also be a beneficial owner who is not shown on the certificate but that is very rare). Generally SSR, or part III as it is known, is acceptable worldwide as a registration document. To prove title when on the SSR, as brokers, we require at least 5 years of original Bills of Sale and preferably the full paperwork chain going back to the builders certificate. (All as original documents). Part 1 is certainly the most robust in terms of legality, but I would think if you had an SSR certificate and at least the original last Bill of Sale correctly transferring title to you, you would be fine. (But be aware of the 5 year renewal as mentioned above). We cruised the Caribbean and the USA with just an SSR and original Bills of Sale.

James Fiske
Many thanks all. The same questions I had have been raised and discussed. The yacht was in part years ago then switched to SSR. I will most likely move her back to part 1. I have a very handy pal who is a naval architect so getting some measurements should be easy.
Thanks for all the input.

Linda Lane Thornton
And when you go through the Panama Canal they 'll measure you again and include any bits that overhang the stern (like self-steering units) and the bow (anchors) so make sure you 're under 50 feet.

Sam Coles
Hi! I agree with previous comments - having cruised around in many places I have had no problems with the SSR certificate being accepted - but of course you do have to satisfy the residential requirement - so renewal at the 5 year expiry when you do n...See more

Frank Hatfull
SSR is easy. Took 6 months to do our Part 1. But it is a better proof of providence.

James Fiske t
hanks all. Very helpful.
I think I 'll run with SSR as I 'll be keeping the UK address.

Anne Lloyd
We are away and our Part 1 will expire while away
We do have a Uk address as per the registration
Can anyone talk me through the renewal process
How do we do it and do we have to pretend to be in Uk at the time?

Chris Bates
As per Nigel . Can renew upto 6 months in advance posted to your UK address

Anne Lloyd
But we have to send back the laminated one as we renew therefore being without registration during the process?

Janine Berry
Just done ours. Straightfoward if nothing has changed (eg address on registration is the same) & you 're in the UK! A month (or so) before renewal they will send a reminder to the address they have on file with a renewal form included. You have to send them the filled in form + expiring laminated reg document(ugh!) + your £49. New one comes back a few days later to the same address. HTH a little

Rona House
I 've registered both ways without problems anywhere. I did buy a British part 1 registered yacht in the USA when I wouldn 't have considered buying it if it was SSR - proof of ownership.

Anne Lloyd Ok so with Uk residence I am fine except for I have to send back the reg document to renew and wait for it to be posted from Uk
Sounds like timing is vital

Barry Fuller
We make a photo copy of our docs when (if) we send the old one back. We have had this accepted in many places, ditto with the new one emailed to us liu

Chris Bates
Don,t remember having to send the current one back and I don t think it to be the case . Why not e mail the Register and ask them directly . They are very prompt with reply .

Chris Bates
The new certificate will include the unused time on the current one so not need to delay

Janine Berry
I 've just thrown the original letter from MCA away but I 'm fairly sure that it did say return the old laminated doc. But as Chris says email them - I had a query on mine and they were very helpful when I phoned them earlier this month. They will understand the practicalities of your situation.

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