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Jesse James sent this email to a non-member who enquired about the safety of sailing between Grenada and Trinidad. She wished to sail her catamaran to Trinidad for an overhaul/repairs ...

[font=Helvetica, sans-serif]My name is Jesse James and I am the Port Officer for the OCC club here in Trinidad. I do understand that you have some concerns about safety sailing from Grenada to Trinidad. Yes, we did have 2 robbery incidents with 2 yachts en-route from Trinidad to Grenada. I was first handed involved in assisting them with taking them to our Coast Guard and ensuring reports were made. A very high level team of investigators took them both and interviewed them. Both incidents happened within a week of each other. YSATT which I am also a Board Member for the past 10 years made strong representation on behalf of the Yachting Industry here as this is a very important sector for employment and tourism in Trinidad and Tobago. We also had very high level meetings with various Government Ministers in Security, Trade, Tourism and others.. extremely hard actions were taken immediately and a combined effort was taken by our Coast Guard, our Air Guard and the North Post Radio Station to ensure the safety of all persons, not just foreign cruisers but local fishermen and pleasure crafts that transit these waters on a daily basis. I personally was involved the CG and North Post Radio Station in creating a Float Plan for Cruisers to file once they wish to sail between our waters. We have had regular follow up meetings to ensure this is maintained. Lots of sightings of our CG and AG were seen by cruisers during their sail. You will not see them all the time but they are there. Also with the situation in Venezuela our Govt has mandated the CG to step up all patrols along our boarders will full force. Since those 2 incidents there has been NO further incidents, you may often hear rumours of fishing pirogues following yachts in their sailing in between our waters and that is true but its a daily fishing grounds for lots and lots of locals fisher men just fishing for a living. You can go on my website and down load the Float plan and submit it to our CG and NP and also cc me on it..[/font]
I do hope this helps you make a positive decision to come to Trinidad and please feel free to ask any further questions. I can also highly recommend you have a chat with Don Stollmeyer the CEO of Power Boats Mainer about repairs and storage especially for such a long time.. his direct email address is let him know I recommended you to speak with him.. hopefully when we meet here I can swing you into joining the OCC family where we share as much ground info, separating FACT from Rumour.. to our all members all over the world.
[font=Helvetica, sans-serif]Best Regards[/font]
[font=Helvetica, sans-serif]Jesse James[/font]
[font=Helvetica, sans-serif]Port Officer Trinidad[/font]
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