Royal Cork YC turning 300 years old in 2020

Daria Blackwell
Daria Blackwell
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This news from Alex Blackwell, RRC for Ireland:

In 2020, Royal Cork Yacht Club will be 300 years in existence. It is the oldest yacht club in the world. Variously branded as Cork 300 and Cork 2020, the Tercentenary will be a huge celebration with a multitude of events over the summer including a superyacht regatta and the Great Gathering of yachts from around the world. The Irish Cruising Club (ICC) is taking the lead on feeder cruises/rallies and will be extending more formal invitations to the OCC and other affiliated organizations. The ICC is also organizing a Gala Dinner on July 8 to which OCC members will be invited. RCYC's 'Great Gathering' Event in Cork Harbour will take place July 12th - open participation by all vessels is encouraged and international naval vessels are to attend. The President of Ireland and probably a member of the British Royal Family are scheduled to review a 'Sail Past'.

Of note is that interested parties should register now with RCYC, as berths will be scarcer than hen’s teeth. This is done at

An East Coast Rally is planned by ICC as a feeder cruise, commencing July 2 at Howth Yacht Club which will be celebrating their one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary.

A West Coast Rally (feeder cruise) will be in two segments that have been branded by RCYC. The Cool Route Cruise will be starting in Stavanger, Norway. Contact is PO Eoin Robson. It will go via Scotland to the west of Ireland. Starting in Ireland it will be branded the Wild Atlantic Way Cruise. This will probably be run by the ICC, and I will probably be heading it up. We are planning a gathering on Inis Mor (Aran Islands) before continuing on to Crosshaven. Planned arrival there is July 6.

Cork Week Regatta commences July 13 and all cruising yachts depart from Crosshaven in advance. A return cruise is under discussion which may journey up the west coast of Ireland. There will be one or more events as the fleet sails north, including a possible wind-up dinner at Mayo Sailing Club in Clew Bay.

We look forward to advising any members interested in taking part. Sláinte!

Vice Commodore, OCC 

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