Simple Pleasures , Complex dynamics

Nigel Studdart
Nigel Studdart
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As I follow the usual Caribbean routine of varnishing I find it’s therapeutic and reflect on simple pleasures . In a world where so many reflect on what they cannot do it’s especially important to reflect on the joy of what we can do.

Sanding teak and progressively seeing the amazing colours of the wood come through is a real pleasure. No matter how scratched from use or the power of the sun and sea some elbow grease and application and a rich deep luster showing the trees true beauty is restored.

Of course it takes some work and application but like many things we achieve it’s not without effort .

A landfall after a challenging passage or a great meal after sourcing ingredients,substituting and preparation ; all take time, thought and application .

Each endeavour rewards us in so many ways often in proportion to the effort .

Finding good crew and sailing friends is similar in this endeavour. As we put a team together to sail I find I don’t only learn about the people I select but also about myself as I reflect on the personalities I look for.

It takes time , it’s seldom quick and sometimes not a direct line but rather a meandering path of communication and reflection. Sometimes the path less travelled when I am surprised and move out of a familiar comfort zone and broaden my horizons .

So I do pray be patient in your communications as you chat with skippers about sailing . From my perspective I am looking to bring together people who will enrich each other’s lives as well as enjoy the sailing and safely make port.

That’s no simple thing . Whether you are looking for good friends , experience at sea or to see foreign and exotic shores, much needs to be considered .

A great voyage or even a short one is the product of a great team . Be that a team of two or more . Invest in that experience now when you can. Connect with those you would cross oceans or sail islands with to better meld into that team.

So as we reflect on what we can do in these times of Covid consider taking the time to truly get to know the people you wish to sail with. Travel is not easy so invest the time in the simple pleasures of communication and getting to know each other.

Lately everyone I sail with seems like a dear old friend and that’s a very good thing . I thank all of them for taking the time to get to know me and each other and enriching all our lives as we experience the companionship and majesty of sailing the worlds oceans and islands

Yours aye

Fair winds and calm seas



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