Maintenance Schedules

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(This is a thread copied from the OCC Members Facebook Group)

How do you all keep track of maintenance schedules for your various onboard systems, and keep track of spares you have in stock? Do you have a system nailed down to keep track, or is it mostly in your head? Looking forward to the different opinions!

•    Spreadsheet
•    Same here. Excel is your best friend
        o    I thought this would be a popular choice. How do you keep track of upcoming 'jobs' - Do you reference a 'last serviced' column every so often to put together a list of parts to purchase and tasks to carry out?
•    I use a spreadsheet (Numbers) for upcoming jobs, but a paper maintenance log to record when (date + engine hours) a job was actually done, and when it needs to be done again. We use one side of the page for the log, and the facing page for drawings, notes, etc. Very difficult to add these kind of vital details to a spreadsheet.
•    Microsoft To Do list on Android phone and tablet. We can share lists where appropriate.
          Nice one. I see this has 'Reminder' and 'Repeat' features which sound really useful
          We use it for Groceries, Chanderley, Boat Jobs, Spare Part Locations, Hardware to Buy, Issues List. Just commissioned a new boat with lists for everything. Good thing is you can re-instate completed items (eg eggs on Groceries) and can see what you've completed in the past. Can also add photos and documents to an item. Great cruising tool
•    In My head, but not unusual when looking for something I thought I had, I sometimes find things I forgotten I have I do keep a handwritten maintenance log
•    Cate keeps a log of maintenance due, completed and unexpected. This gives us a single record of everything done or in need of doing. It’s often been useful to be able to check when something was last repaired/maintained
•    Something that worked for us-I was not allowed to stow any spares. The Admiral stowed them and retrieved them as I needed them. I also used painters tape to record dates of oil changes and engine hours on the filter and again on diesel filters. A tag was zip tied on pumps and such when they were replaced with dates. It kept me from hearing the phrase “ It’s only a 50 ft boat, how could you possibly lose that?”
•    Microsoft to do list for maintenance and excel for everything stored on board. I have given every single space a name and mark them with dynamo.
I also keep a sort of maintenance diary in Microsoft word. It is searchable when you want to know what and when things got done.
We also have a handwritten to do list just for the satisfaction when you can put o check on it.
•    We try to keep spares next to the equipment. Saves rummaging in lockers. Some things are stowed away of course. We have a “where is it?” list
•    I’d like to say I have a system but I don’t. I generally just reorder / replace parts if I use them. If I do something scheduled then I write it in my log book so I can check when a filter was replaced or oil was changed etc. But I should be more organised really.
•    We have around 1,600 non-edible things, so, we keep an inventory of non-edibles in a spread sheet. And one for edibles. We remember the maintenance stuff.
We have names for every storage place, and it that place is large, then where (roughly) in the space, and there are sub-boxes, or bags, each with a name.
BUT, I am told that big ships sort the location by which frame back from the bow, and where it is port or stb.
Find what works for you, but you must keep it up to date.
•    we have devised a spreadsheet which nominates various boxes in different locations on our yacht that contain spares. so if you want an impeller , for example, you search the spreadsheet which will advise that there are 6 in stock in box for located in the stern port cabin under bed.
•    I built this for me because I couldn’t find anything that works offline but syncs to all devices. I intend to make available more widely in time. It is currently in alpha testing but if you like the demo, pm me and I’ll set you up.
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          Nice work Peter. To be honest this was the basis for my question. I'm also a software developer, and thought it would be interesting to write something for this type of thing. Something a bit more interactive, which perhaps asks you questions like 'Have you bought any new equipment recently?' or 'How many hours are on your engine now?' every so often, and creates intelligent reminders about upcoming service items, or generates 'shopping lists' and so on. Sounds like everyone develops their own system and are quite happy with them though
•    totally agree. I have a setup wizard work in progress but boat maintenance and sailing are priority . Would also be nice to help people source parts and services
•    Google sheets. Keeps it in the cloud for safety. Available on every device.
Google Keep for quick lists.
•    Inventory (location and number/amount) kept in Excel spreadsheet. Maintenance check list s- weekly, monthly and annual are kept in a binder. Manuals are kept on computer, if we had to down load them and in a filing cabinet, if they were received on paper along with the guarantees. All computer info is loaded onto the cloud as soon as possible.


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