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(This is a thread copied from the OCC Members Facebook Group)

I have just been quoted an eye-watering price for Propspeed. Is it worth it? Long distance cruising in the tropics. Thanks!

•    We have used it here in NZ and for a season in tropical South Pacific. Worked very well for us and we continue to use it
•    Yes it is….if it is applied correctly.
We had it applied in SA in 2019, just hauled out in St Lucia, prop mainly clean, just one of two easily removed growths
              o    It's worth noting that there are several steps / products to apply; more than just primer and paint. I forget what the other(s) is called but I recall there's something else. Also, proper application is essential; if it's not always done correctly, it's not worth it. Anecdotally, we have a friend who had a well respected pro outfit do it. They did it right one year and it was great. They didn't get it right the next year and it was a failure. Fortunately for these friends, they cruise the same area and the shop redid it at no cost, but that still meant either cleaning very frequently for the rest of the season or paying for an extra haulout.
                       . Yes it wasn’t well applied in New Zealand, but the SA application lasted two years and is still fine.
•    I had it applied during haul out in Costa Rica back in Jan. So far so good, ask me again at the next haul out.
•    In the tropics the water is nice and warm. It doesn’t take long to clean off a prop. When at anchor/marina for a while a black bin bag will keep the worst off!
            o    ooh, that’s a good idea! we spent 6 weeks at anchor in Dominica this spring, could practically measure the growth daily... A black bag over prop would have been great., save some scrubbing.
           o    good trick
           o    Just remember it also means you can’t use the engine in a hurry…..
                          yes! A sacrificial solution would be best.
           o    yep same here make sure the plastic isn’t biodegradable in the sea as we came back once and the bag had almost all dissolved. I might try with a. Fabric bag next time.
•    Its all about the Prep. I did it my self and was meticulous an got over three years (and only the leading edges of the blades were worn). Ill second the shopping bag trick, I did the same in asia when i would leave the boat to go work. the beauty is if you have to move in a hurry it will just shred.
           o    Agreed on the black bag. It works 100%. The practicality of using it depends on local water and user needs
•    We used Prop One, which worked for us. One different being it came in a smaller container, so more cost effective even if the same price per litre.
•    I’m not sure about recommending shredding plastic bags into the sea……
           o    then an old towel or something natural. You just need to block light to it. I’m going to experiment with making a bag from cotton or something else bon degradable in the sea.
           o    Nowhere did i suggest one should shred a plastic bag in the sea. My point was with the bag in the case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance which mandates moving the boat very quickly to avoid damage to people, property or the boat; the light weight plastic bag over the prop allows you to do so unlike other materials mentioned. I think i'm ok with a light weight shopping bag shredded in the ocean (most of which are bio degradable these days) over a boat sinking and the fuel being spilled into the ocean.
                         I kind of feel that your comment, “…..the beauty is if you have to move in a hurry it will just shred….” might have been better worded?
                         .Also remember that most biodegradable bags…..aren’t….they degrade to micro plastic and remain in the environment for a rather long time
           o    ill reserve comment
•    Is great! Had it applied in NZ once and the prop was still largely free of growth in La Réunion 18 month later.
It is very expensive though...
•    Its expensive but its the only thing that kept our prop clean when circumnavigating. You do need a professional to apply correctly for it to work.
•    we use it on the big boats we run and on our own small boat. It is worth it. ¡
•    Thanks for all the great advice! Which I promptly ignored - sorry.... . The yard quoted $750 to do one small Maxprop - that's a LOT of nice dinners. I have a hooka and a young wife .
           o    do it yourself just be meticulous ! maybe not after a nice dinner though .
                               short haul - one day so no time to shop around for materials and lots of other stuff to sort out - like reassembling the prop the right way round. ....
•    I just polish the prop before launching each time and get almost no fouling, perhaps just a couple of tiny barnacles and a very thin layer of calcium deposits.
•    Propglide is an alternative and simpler to do your self.
BOTTOMPAINTSTORE.COM Propeller and Running Gear Coatings | Propspeed Antifouling | PropGlide™
•    We paid a lot to have Propspeed when in New Zealand, being taken in by the "must be applied by trained experts" - it was rubbish. We have tried Trilux and an obscure product purchased in Trinidad. None were remarkable. Neither was the liberal application of lanolin. However, in 2019 I applied Velox Plus with great care and it did a very good job in the Mediterranean. I will use it again.
            o    next haul...
            o    subject to finding out the state of the bottom, July or out for northern winter ....
•    Nothing really works and I have tried all of them . My suggestion polish the prop and then antifouling with whatever your using . It will drop off all most certainly . If you run the engine in gear once a day little will grow. Then about once a month go snorkelling or before a trip and give it a clean .
•    Used prop speed for years all over the world. Excellent product. Must be applied correctly. Use Lightspeed on your underwater lights and other similar fittings. Excellent too. Same manufacturer.


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